Stationers’ Hall


In 1403 the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London approved the formation of a fraternity or Guild of Stationers (booksellers who copied and sold manuscript books and writing materials and limners who decorated and illustrated them). Each appointed a warden to control and regulate them. By the early 16th century printers had joined The Stationers’ Company and by the mid-century the printers had more or less ousted the manuscript trade. In 1557 the Guild received a Royal Charter of Incorporation and in 1559, the right to wear a distinctive livery. They became a livery company, numbered 47 in precedence.

The Scope of Works included the following, Erection of Design Birdcage Scaffold, survey of the ceiling Soffit and Sky Surface, including all previous repairs and current Wad and Wire system, to install new Wad and Wire fixings and repair of the current system, the repair of damaged and failing plasterwork to the flat and decorative details, cleaning of the painting on canvas and Paint Sampling and Colour Matching to the original.


Category:Special Works
Project Duration:6no weeks
Key deliverables:- Internal birdcage scaffold
- Specialist Re-Decorations
- Restoration of the ceiling
- Structural Reinstatement of the ceiling